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Tourism and Hospitality Management Research topics 

2022 Tourism and Hospitality Management Research topics

This blog article you are about to read will provide you with Tourism and Hospitality Management Research topics. The topics can be used by any student in spite of their country.  We also provide thesis writing support, assignment help and essay writing for international students. You can find our WhatsApp contact at the end of this article

Tourism and Hospitality Management Project Topics with materials

The role of limbe festac in cultural tourism development

The role of Campo Ma’an National Park in the Development of Tourism in Kribi

Assessment of tourist activities at debarcadere beach in kribi ocean division

Role of Recreational sites in The Promotion of Tourism Development in Limbe, Fako Division, South west Region of Cameroon

Assessing the Factors that Account for the Touristic Attractiveness of Kribi

Factors affecting civil servants participation in domestic tourism. A case study of the civil servants living in Yaoundé V subdivision of Cameroon

Examining the potentials of hospitality industry as an agent of tourist attractions in Kumba

Food as a determinant of domestic tourist behavior in Kumba I Municipality

Tourism as an Agent of Cultural Change in Bangem, Kupemuanenguba Division

Potentials of Barombi Mbo Lake for the Development of Tourism in Kumba I

Examining cultural potentials of the Bafaw people for the promotion of sustainable tourism development in Meme Division

Tourism and Hospitality Management Research topics

The importance of product distribution policies to tourism enterprises and to tourists

Westernization as a Threat to the Bali Nyonga Cultural Heritage

The Assessment of Buffet Services of Hotels in the Limbe Resort Town

Organizational Control and Customer Service Delivery at Mountain Hotel in Buea

Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainable Tourism development in Cameroon; case study the Bakossi National Park in the South West Region

Recreational Tourism Development in Limbe: Challenges and Prospects

Perception and attitudes toward sustainable tourism in Cameroon amongst Cameroon tourists. case of Korup national park

Tourism and Hospitality Management Research topics

The role of royal marriages in the promotion of tourist destination in tombel

design and implementation of a hotel management system

The Impact Of Destination Image On Tourist Satisfaction, And Destination Loyalty: A Case Of Buea Municipality

Problems Of Hotel Business In Fako Division A Case Study Of some selected five stars Hotels in Buea

Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On The Hospitality Sector in Cameroon.

Assessing The Challenges Facing Small Scale Hotels In Cameroon (A case Study Of some selected hotels in Mamfe Town)

Packaging And Service Delivery In The Hospitality Industry (A Case Study Of some selected hotels in Limbe Municipality)

Prospects And Problems Of E-Marketing In Hospitality Industry in Cameroon

Tourism and Hospitality Management Research topics

Service Management In Hospitality Industry (A Case Study Of some selected hotels in Bamenda II municipality)

Customer Perceived Value And Customers Satisfaction In Travel Agency In Cameroon (A Study Of hotels in Kumba II Municipality).

The Impact Of Inadequate Food Supply On The Tourism And Hospitality Industry: The case study of hotels in Bafoussam, Cameroon

An Assessment Of Tourist Attraction Development And Consumer Behaviour In Limbe Municipality

Assessing Hotels Social Responsibilities To Its Host Communities, the case study of hotels in Limbe Municipality

The Impact Of Quality Control Methods On Employee Performance Within The Hospitality Industry

Consumer Experience And Destination Loyalty In Tourist Site in Cameroon: Case study Kribi

Customer Perceived Value And Customers Satisfaction In Travel Agency In Cameroon (A Study Of Camiar-co)

Human Resource Management In The Hotel And Catering Industry case study of Mountain Hotel Buea

Tourism and Hospitality Management Research topics

Impact Of Marketing Communication In Tourist Destination A Case Study Of Fako Division

The Effect Of Government Policies On The Development Of Tourism In Cameroon

The Impact Of Religion On The Development Of The Tourism And Hospitality Industry Of Cameroon

Problems Encountered By Managers In Setting Up A Small Scale Hospitality Business in Mamfe Central

An Assessment Of The Impact Of Motivation On Employee’s Productivity In Hospitality Industry Case study of Chariot Hotel Buea

A Critical Examination Of Safety And Security Concerns In Hospitality Industry Case study Eta Palace Hotel Buea

Prospects And Problems Of E-Marketing In The Hospitality Industry in Limbe Municipality

The Relevance Of Human Capital Management To Profit Maximization In The Hospitality Industry (A Case Study Of Hotel Saint Claire).

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Tourism and Hospitality Management Project Topics,

Tourism and Hospitality Management Research topics Tourism and Hospitality Management Research topics

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  2. Describe hospitality.
  3. Writing Hospitality Research Papers
  4. Topics and Ideas for Hospitality Research
  5. simple topics for hospitality research
  6. Interesting Topics for Hospitality Research
  7. Topics for Hotel Management Research
  8. Topics for Research in Hospitality Law
  9. Subjects for Hospitality Management Research Papers
  10. Advanced Hospitality Management Research Topics
  11. Topics for Hospitality and Tourism Research Papers
  12. best topics for hospitality research
  13. Excellent topics for hospitality dissertations
  14. Excellent topics for hospitality research
  15. Final Analysis of the Hospitality Research Topic

Do you intend to write a research paper about hospitality? Are you looking for the top research topics in hospitality? Not to worry! You should read this blog article.

If you’re a student pursuing a degree in hospitality courses, you’ll be required to accomplish a thesis on a hospitality-related subject in order to earn your degree. Finding a study topic might be challenging in general. Finding suitable subjects for a research paper will require a significant time and effort investment. Here, we have compiled a list of the finest hospitality research topics to aid you.

Find out more about a variety of research topics in hospitality by reading this blog post. Learn how to prepare hospitality research papers as well.

Describe hospitality.

Giving guests and visitors a kind or warm reception is the definition of hospitality. On this planet, one of the dynamic industries where technology and innovation are applied to enhance the guest experience is hospitality. The majority of the activities connected to travel and tourism are included in the hospitality and tourist sector. The hotel industry encompasses primarily

Lodges & Hotels

Clubs & Bars at Night

Food Services & Restaurants

Transportation & Travel


Bus trips and cruise liners

Events (Private, Business, Cultural & Sports)

Wellness & Spas

The management functions in the hospitality business are the subject of the broad topic of hospitality management, sometimes known as hotel management. The greatest services are provided with the ultimate goal of ensuring client satisfaction in the hotel sector. Therefore, the sector needs a lot of talents, creativity, and technological assistance to increase client pleasure. The hospitality business also engages in a variety of research and analysis initiatives to develop distinctive customer-attraction strategies.

Writing Hospitality Research Papers

A research paper on hospitality focuses on any subjects that have to do with the industry. Finding a decent topic is the first step in creating a research paper. Make careful to choose a topic that interests you when choosing one. The subject of the study shouldn’t be very broad or specific.

If the subject is too vast, concentrate just on one particular theme. The topic or subtopic you choose for discussion should have a compelling thesis statement. Keep in mind that each major point related to the research statement needs to be supported by relevant data.

Your research paper about hospitality should be informative and well-structured, just like other academic papers. Include the following components in your research paper on hospitality.

It serves as the essay’s introductory passage. You should include some background information on the subject and your thesis statement in the first paragraph.

Review of the literature: In this area, you should go through the theoretical framework and the sources you consulted when conducting research for the article.

Research Methodology: In this section, you should list and describe every technique you utilised to gather and examine the data.

Data Analysis: You must analyse all of the research data you have obtained in this step.

Results: Here, you should concentrate on the significance and ramifications of the information you gathered.

Summary: In this area, you should enumerate all the key ideas. You should also explain how your analysis led to the solutions to your research topic.

References page: This is where you should list all of the references you utilised in your research paper.

Topics and Ideas for Hospitality Research

There are several potential study subjects in the broad realm of hospitality. You can choose any hospitality topic based on the history, culture, management, and current industry developments when writing a research paper on the subject.

Do you need to choose the greatest subjects for your hospitality research paper? Cool! The best hospitality research ideas and topics are presented below for your consideration.

Choose a topic from the list below, and then refer to it.

simple topics for hospitality research

Discuss the meaning of the word “hospitality.”

Islamic hospitality is valued.

Greek hospitality in antiquity.

The best methods to welcome visitors to Rome.

Christianity’s tradition of hospitality.

worldwide trends’ impact on the hospitality sector.

Describe the interaction between the host and the visitor.

a thorough examination of ethics in hospitality.

The best methods to welcome visitors in Prague.

Examine the adverse effects of travel restrictions.

Contribution of tourism to the expansion of the world economy

Creating sustainable tourism

The role of tourism in economic growth and poverty reduction

Describe the tourist hotspots in Europe.

The COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on world tourism

Interesting Topics for Hospitality Research

Discuss proper behaviour in the hospitality sector.

casino smoking regulations’ impact.

Describe the idea of honoured guests in Christian doctrine.

freedom of movement in transportation.

Consider the idea of twisted hospitality in depth.

a thorough examination of equitable pay in the hospitality sector. Case Study: The Hotel Izmailovo.

The Abraj Al-Bait is a case study.

Analyze the Circus Circus in Las Vegas from a strategic standpoint.

Analyze the Hilton Hawaiian Village from a strategic standpoint.

Talk about the slogan “Atithi Devo Bhava”

The education of flight attendants in hospitality

The value of the hospitality sector to France’s economy

A comparison between Middle Eastern and European countries’ hospitality regulations

Current hospitality regulations in China and Japan

Topics for Hotel Management Research

Discuss a hotel’s accounting and financial management.

administration of a sizable hotel’s revenue.

a review of French hotel administration.

Good hotel manager qualities.

The Ambassador City Jomtien is a case in point.

The Wynn Las Vegas is a case in point.

Pakistani hotel management.

The First World Hotel & Plaza is a case study.

Describe the 5-star hotel’s customer service.

Examine the distinctions between a limited-service hotel and a full-service hotel.

Hospitality, Society, and Space

Application of technology to hotel management procedures

current hotel management fad

Management of hotels is important.

Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort is a case study on employee performance in the hotel setting.

Best hotel management techniques

Topics for Research in Hospitality Law

An examination of the Innkeepers’ Laws.

Talk about insurance exclusions.

Describe bailments with relation to the hospitality sector.

Look into the UK hotel industry’s theft risk.

South African laws on hospitality.

Indian laws on hospitality.

Look into Russian hospitality law.

South Korean laws on hospitality.

North Korean laws on hospitality.

Talk about hotel owners’ legal obligations in the US.

The role of hospitality law in promoting tourism

Critical evaluation of American hospitality legislation

European Union guest property losses

Subjects for Hospitality Management Research Papers

Talk about the virtue of hospitality.

working circumstances in a big hotel.

significant problems in the hospitality sector.

the numerous kinds of lodging used in hospitality.

Discuss the salaries that hotel managers should anticipate.

provide Nepal with food, shelter, and security.

the management of hotels during the COVID pandemic

a thorough examination of hotel marketing administration.

the function of a hotel’s general manager.

Put together a strategic analysis of the hotel of your choice.

the function of a director of events and groups.

food and drink in the tourism sector.

Giving protection in Judaism.

What facilities managers do.

Do some research on how the hotel sector will be affected by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Advanced Hospitality Management Research Topics

Discuss restaurant staff training in hospitality.

the hospitality sector’s significance to the US economy.

Discuss flight attendants’ hospitality training.

Analyze the Caesars Palace hotel from a strategic perspective.

Find out what a resort’s off-season entails.

Discuss the diversification of hospitality businesses.

Case Study: The Signature and the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Analyze the Excalibur Hotel and Casino from a strategic standpoint.

An example is The Londoner Macao.

The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas is a case study.

Topics for Hospitality and Tourism Research Papers

Talk about hospitality personalisation.

Examine the seven elements of tourism.

Describe the three key ideas in tourism.

best US tourism destinations.

Making contactless payments in the hospitality sector.

America’s domestic travel industry.

Best UK tourism destinations.

the trends in international travel for 2022.

What impact did the COVID 19 pandemic have on travel?

What is meant by inbound tourism?

TQM (Total Quality Management) and Sig Sigma are used in the hotel and tourism industries.

Remote communication’s importance in the hospitality and tourist industries

best topics for hospitality research

Discuss promoting your destination.

Analyze the Shinagawa Prince Hotel from a strategic standpoint.

how technology has changed the hotel sector.

Bring up seamless technologies in the hotel industry.

Analyze Resorts World Las Vegas from a strategic standpoint.

Talk about the most effective techniques to appeal to millennials.

The hospitality sector and augmented reality.

Sustainability in the hotel and restaurant business.

The hospitality industry’s most crucial service.

Describe the rising importance placed on wellbeing.

utilising technology to satisfy hotel guests’ requirements.

Analyze the hotel Atlantis Paradise Island from a strategic standpoint.

destroying the opposition in the hotel industry.

The primary duty of hospitality in a deluxe hotel.

Find out the value of a qualified tour guide.

Excellent topics for hospitality dissertations

Why do clients choose leisure hotels while booking international vacations?

The benefits of the royal wedding for the hotel sector.

deciding factors while choosing a restaurant for a Friday night out.

How can bars and restaurants inspire their staff?

What has the hospitality sector done to accommodate and draw additional tourists now that more people are travelling alone?

How do consumer choices impact leisure travel for British consumers?

assessing consumer perceptions and attitudes regarding internet travel agencies.

What are some effective ways for small catering businesses to use integrated marketing communication to grow their brand and boost sales?

Does brand extension in hotel chains have an impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions?

customers’ opinions and attitudes toward Thai food in Britain.

excellent topics for hospitality research

Examine a certain bar’s operations.

Discuss the system of tips.

Laws in the hotel industry are evolving.

the significance of appropriate behaviour.

Do some research on local hotel employees’ salaries.

how hospitality affects both the direct and indirect economies.

Going green in the hotel industry in the next years.

Compare three of the country’s largest hotel chains.

The Maldives’ hospitality laws and regulations.

during the Olympic Games, hospitality.

the most effective techniques to draw visitors to your hotel.

Ancient Egyptian hospitality

Describe the Eastern European custom of eating bread and salt.

Talk about the hospital’s friendliness.

An examination of sports tourism.

newest fashions in the hospitality sector.

A hotel crisis management team is what?

What are vacationers for leisure?

How crucial are offices in hotels?

What in the hospitality industry is essentialism?

Can you discuss the unique characteristics of visitors who travel alone?

Wholistic hospitality is what?

Talk about the abilities of a seasoned restaurant management.

Investigate a fresh area of hospitality.

How significant is a review for hospitality businesses?

Distinct geographical regions have different approaches to providing hospitality services.

The function of the management team in hospitality.

What strategies hotels are using to stay afloat in the competitive world of hospitality.

types of in-demand hospitality services.

innovative methods for meeting hotel visitors’ demands.

Final Analysis of the Hospitality Research Topic

You can create a top-notch research paper utilising any subject from the list of suggested hospitality study topics above. Call us for online assignment writing assistance if choosing a solid research topic for your assignment presents a challenge. Along with topic selection, we can help you with research paper writing or assignments related to hotel management.

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