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Background to the Study
Education is considered as an agent of human processing where human beings like raw-materials, are processed through schooling and converted to finished product as a result of good teaching by the professional teachers.

However, Carter (1995) described the education as the aggregate or totality of all the process by means of which a personal develops ability, attitude, skills and forms of behavior that are of positive values in the society in which he/she live.
Consequently, a professional teaching is related with inculcating a body of knowledge and skills, and development of desirable attitudes.

In fact those who engage in teaching career should be seen to have at least a distinct quality and skills, either as a result of formal and informal processes of the selection or more especially due to their professional training, Oyeleye and Soremi (1985), Good (1995), Niajasan (1995), Salawu (1991:6).
Every teacher is a potential educator since a considerable part of his/her life is spent on influencing the thoughts, teaching and behaviors of other (mostly the young) in order to bring about their healthy, all round development (i.e physical, moral, intellectual and emotional development).
Uchefuna (2001), described a teacher as one who produce desired result in the course of his duty as a teacher.

Thus, the progress of any society, politically, socially and economically, is largely determined by the quality of its education program and the quality of teacher in educational industry.
Therefore, quality of teacher is seen among measures that enrich the performance of the students in school.

This will in turn give a better man power.

Teacher qualities never the less, can be considered to be one of the bedrocks that measurably influence the academic performance of the students, across all levels of educational system.

Teacher are regarded as the first authorities of models to the students. Significant number of learners take whatever pieces of information and knowledge imparted to them by their teacher.
As described by Ijaiya (2012), a teacher is an employee who uses his expertise to guide the earner to the content or curriculum. he also give them (students) assistance and feeds them back when necessary he also motivates tern and promotes positive change of behaviors.
Basically the indispensable roles of teacher shows, that any is Studies Teacher must posses required qualities so as to achieve the purpose of inclusion of Islamic, religion studies (IRS) as a subject in the National curriculum. In the modern Nigeria, the professional qualification of Islamic Studies Teacher is based on his exposure to rigorous professional exercises to possess specified knowledge and skill.

Any potential Islamic studies educator must have pursued his professional skills in one or more of the following certificates; Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies N.C.E. Islamic Studies: BEd Islamic Studies, PGDE Adebayo, (2007).
However, for any interested into becoming a teacher, it is important for them to acquire what qualities make a good teacher, A good teacher is characterized by numerous qualities which make it possible for them to do their job well undoubtedly, every teacher comes with his/her own unique blend of such qualities.

Every teacher different, but every good teacher must possess love their, subject, organization skills, willingness to improves, enough courage to face hard day, and ability to collaborate with student.
In addition, a teacher is expected to posses certain qualities such as communication skill, emotional stability, teaching technique, clear objective for lesson, effective discipline, good classroom management skills, knowledge of curriculum, knowledge of subject matter and passion for students and teaching Bangbade, (2004), An Islamic studies teacher is also expected to possess excellent characters. Hence, Oladosu (2012), described Islamic Studies teacher as some one that is gentle in his approach lenient in his method and compassionate in his interaction.
The quality of a teacher determined of knowledge performance of students in all levels of knowledge.

Similarly, the success of educational enterprises particularly in terms o f good quality education depends largely on regular supply of teacher in quantity and quality.

The national policy on education of the federal Republic of Nigeria (2004), asserted that no nation can achieve economic, social and technological progress self sufficiency without a good system of education to sustain its achievement.
The progress of any society determined by the quality of its teachers.

It is mandatory for a teacher to develop and update his/her knowledge through training institution, conference and seminar, many people believe in not only in qualification of teacher but also his/her confidence to defend the certificate (either and undergraduate major or master degree) that is pertinent to the subject he/she teachers.
Teacher experience is among the qualities that have strong influence with academic performance of students.

The year of experiencing of teaching by teacher reflect the academic performance of students that will eventually lead to actualization of educational aims and objective.

The experience teacher perform better than the less experience ones. According to Murano and Phil (1981) and Kiliyaard and HaIl (1994), the teacher level of teaching experience has been found to establish a positive relationship between the academic performance of their students.
Rosenhltz (1986), added that many studies have established that less experienced teacher regardless of the years of teaching ineffective in teaching.

Lassan (2000) and Guga (1998), are of the view that education can not be provided by just anybody.

It requires a teacher who plan and deliver the lesson: instruction in such away that objective can be achieved. An unqualified teacher cannot prepare students for WASCE/GCE because it is not certain that they could pass.
Teaching approach is an aspect that is very important to quality teaching as it accomplish knowledge of the subject matter, Teaching approach is described as a method strategy or a combination of careful designed classroom interactions that could be followed meticulously to teach a topic, a concept or an idea. Olorundare (2010).
The mastery of subject matter by the teacher is an aspect that needs to pay attention to and also is a resource and a great educational asset that influence the academic performance of students Olaleye (2011), asserted that teacher are the primary indicator and determinant of quality of education hence, professional and dedicated teachers are needed in schools.

He further explained rat the relationship that exists between teachers knowledge of what they teacher and their ability to teach effective and students academic performance have widely established.
However, Olaleye (2011), in his submission buttress the above view, confirm that teachers are expected to thoroughly understand the contents of what teach because teacher who master the material will pass instruction more dear and provide better explanations than those with weaker back ground.
Performance is referred to an action or process of performing a given task or function.

However, in education performance is described as students ability to carry out successfully the academic tasks assigns to students by the teachers. Gbadura (2010), described performance as a general term use in every field of life, whether in a schools at work or any other human endeavour. It is a phenomenon that is attributed to almost every action.
Academic performance is an information described non students accomplishes his/her academic given tasks and studies in school.

Statement of the Problem
The problems of fluctuation poor academic performance of students in secondary school have attracted divergent view form different stakeholder in education sector like parents, teachers, member of society and governments at all level apportioning blame on teachers for poor academic performance of students.

According to Godswill (2012), a professionally skillful teacher is some who has acquired systematic body of knowledge from a specialized teacher training institution.

He knows that he teacher.

He facilitates teaching for students and demonstratives exemplary leadership style in classroom, school and society.
In the tight of the above, various studied have been propounded on the relationship between teacher, quality and academic performance.
Borisade (2011), carried out research on teachers’ qualities and school factors as correlates to academic performance is secondary school student in Ekiti State, Olaleye (2011), do finding on the teachers’ characteristic as predictor of academic performance of students in secondary school in Osun State, Nnamdi (2008) worked on teachers qualification, instructional strategies and students’ academic performance in Biology, Adigun (2003), investigated the influence of teacher teaching experience on students’ academic performance, Amao (1992), carded out research on the demand and supply of teachers of secondary school in Osun State, Awoyem (1985), carried out the findings on the relationship: teacher’ experience and teachers’ utilization available social studies instructional materials.
With above views stated, no previous studies mentioned had investigated the relationship between teachers quality and students’ academic performance in Islamic studies.

So therefore, the focus of this study was to investigate the relationship between the Islamic studies teachers’ quality and secondary school students’ academic performance in Islamic studies in Ilorin South LGEA which little or no attention has so far been paid to.

This is the gap which the study aims at fillings.
Purpose of the Study
The general purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of teacher quality on the academic performance of students of Islamic studies in harm South L.G.E.A. especially, the study examined.
a. The general level of students, in Ilorin south, Academic performance in Islamic Studies.
b. The influence of teachers’ teaching approach and harm South L.G.E.A. students academic performance in Islamic studies.
c. The influence of teachers’ subject mastery and harm South LGEA students academic performance in Islamic studies.
d. The Influence of teachers teaching experience and for South LGEA school students academic performance in Islamic Studies the influence of teacher’ teaching experience and Ilorin South LGEA Students Academic Performance in Islamic Studies
Research Questions
In this study the following questions were answered
1. What is the general level of academic performance of Ilorin South LGEA students in Islamic Studies?
2. Does teacher teaching approach/technique influence the academic performance of Ilorin South LGEA students?
3. Does teachers’ Subject mastery influence the form South LGEA students’ academic performance in Is Studies?
4. Does Teacher’s qualification influence the Ilorin South LGEA students academic performance in Islamic studies?
5. Does teacher teaching experience influence the Ilorin South LGEA students’ academic performance in Islamic Studies?
Research Hypotheses
The following hypotheses were formulated and test in this study.
Ho1: Teacher’s qualification does not significantly related to secondary school students academic performance in Islamic studies.
Ho2: Teachers teaching experience does not significantly related to secondary school students academic performance in Islamic studies.
Ho3: Teachers’ teaching approach does not significantly related to secondary school students academic performance in Islamic studies
Ho4: Teacher’s subject mastery does not related to secondary school student’s academic performance in Islamic studies
Ho5: Teachers’ accessibility to relevant Islamic studies books does not significantly related to secondary school students academic performance in Islamic studies

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