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The Difficulties Level 200 Anglophone Students of English/French at the University Of Buea Face in Learning the French Language

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The Republic of Cameroon is a multilingual country comprising some two hundred and forty-seven (247) indigenous languages, a lingua franca(Cameroon Pidgin English)and two official languages English and French). These official languages are a result of the Franco-British rule between the end of the First World War and Independence.

The quality of French spoken in the University of Buea (one of the two Anglo- Saxon universities in Cameroon) in general and by the English students, in particular, is major trouble and cause for concern. Some pertinent reasons seem to pose a serious threat to the functioning of students in the French language at the University.

The country in general, in order to tight this, have imposed both languages (French and English) as university requirement which is a must-do affair in order to succeed at UB. This is known as (Use of French or FRE 101 102) on all undergraduate students with a minimum of 50% pass as one of the basic requirements for graduation. As it is noticed that Anglophone students rarely excel in French language, it is hoped that these measures would improve on Anglophone students’ French language usage, thereby enabling them to write and speak the French language more.

Statement of the Problem

The French language seems to increasingly become more of a problem to level 200 Anglophone students studying bilingual letters at the University of Buea.


The main objective of this research is to find out the cause of poor French language proficiency of level 200 Anglophone students of bilingual letters at the University of Buea.

  • To find out the cause of the student poor proficiency in the French language.

  • To find out the problems they face in the process of learning the language.

  • To evaluate the difficulties students face in learning the French language.

  • To find out the influences they have from other language and how it has affected their competency the French language.


The level 200 Anglophone students of English and French studies have difficulties in learning/functioning proper French language.

They do have serious limitations in the French language.

Research Questions

The level 200 Anglophone students of English and French have difficulties in learning the proper French language. From the main idea that some English-speaking Cameroonians have difficulties at the level of pronunciation and tense and vocabulary in the learning of French language arise the following research questions which will be examined during the study.

1-What is the cause of the difficulty of English-speaking Cameroonians at the level of pronunciation and vocabulary?

2-Are they aware of these difficulties or they just see it as a hindrance to the learning of French language?

Considering the questions that this study aims at answering, it will be interesting to see how these difficulties bring about a difference in the way pronunciation, tense and vocabulary is being handled.

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