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This research work investigated the effect of education and gender on political participation in Nigeria.

A case study of Ilorin East Local Government Area.

However, it tends to study how education and sex are positively or negatively affect the people participation in Nigeria politics.
The researcher will look critically at why some people participate in politics and why others are apathetic to political activities.
The rate at which the educated and non-educated people involves in politics as well as the exclusive influence of gender (male and female) on people’ concern for politics will be adequately analyzed and examined in detail.

Background to the Study
The concept, political participation is very important especially in a democratic set up or in an ideal society.

Democracy itself assume high level of participation, it could be direct or indirect involvement.

Generally, there are various factor affecting the level at which some people participate and some do no participate.

The topic “Effect of sex and education on political participation in Nigeria” will measure why some are apathetic and why some feel alienated.

Nigeria is a multi ethnic country that had measure why some are apathetic and why some feel alienated.

Nigeria is a multi ethnic country that has experience a lot of political instability and with the enthronement of democracy, males and the educated seems to participate more than the illiterates and the females.
Participation in politics is a civic duty or responsibility in which every citizens of a particular society are expected to perform.

Herbert Mclosky on his part sex political participation as those voluntary activities by which members of a society share in the selection of rulers and directly or directly in the formulation of public policy. Political philosophers over the years have extolled political participation as defense against misrule of tyranny.
The above definition implies that political participation is an integral part of democracy.

He more “active” forms of participation include formal enrollment in a party, canvassing and registration of voters, working in campaigns, competing for public and party offices donating money for a political programs and attending political rallies etc.
It’s necessary to note that people are not compelled to participate in politics but a civic responsibility.

Political participation is influence by different factors. These factors account for why people participate and why they do not.

Therefore, they possess some psychological traits like apathy, cynicism, alienation and anomies.

Another reason why people do not participate in the political process can be imputed or attributed to the level of development in terms of political, social and economical aspect of the society.

Meaning that modern society given their level of development participates effectively than the primitive or traditional societies who are less developed in terms of socio-economics and political aspect of life.
From the above illustration one can easily deduce that wealthy individuals and complex society tends to be more politically conscious than the poor individuals and more primitive societies.

Other factors includes: sex and education shall be critically analyzed and examined.
It is generally believed hat males are more politically conscious as compared with their female counterparts vis-a-is functional literate people participate actively in politics than semi-literate or ill-educated. This has explained or given credence to the relationship that exist between education, sex and political participation in Nigeria.

Thus we are using Ilorin West Local Government Area as a case study to either confirm or falsify the statement.

1.2 Statements of the Problem
Problem solving is an integral part of our day activities.

It is certain that problem must exist before solutions are provided. Any forms of government where majority do not participate in tyrannical rather than being democratic.

In most developing states like Nigeria where greater number of illiterate and female in the ever increasing population, are prevalent, government tens to be oligarchic and falsely democratic studies shown that men are more politically active than woman.

This is largely because the average education level of women is lower than that of men. Women constitute more than half of the adults population but fewer women run for public offices or are elected.

If political participation is a sufficient condition to test a democratic government, then it is relevant to probe into why people refuse to participate in greater number, if the constituting or political system calls for it. This is the issue underlying this study.

1.3 Purpose of the Study
This project tends to study human behavior with regard to political activities.

The case of the trend of cynicism is to so unique in Nigeria and the causes have to be identified in order to come up with prospective recommendations Nigeria, no doubt, is a British creation.

The large geographical territory later known to b Nigeria after the historic amalgamation of cardinal geographical components in 1914 by that “man” of destiny Lord Lugard has since been battling with problems of integration and national unity.

The much orchestrated unity of Nigeria in diversity has to do with the effort of successive Nigeria government and learners in mapping out socio-political, religions and economic strategies at fostering unity in a pluralistic society made up of diverse cultures.
One of these strategies is the evolvement of a political arrangement, that would allow maximum participation of people from different ethnic group that make up the country in the policies, programs and affairs the affect their lives.

And since everybody could not involve in the government process of administration, such participation in decision making process has to do with the elected representation.

That is why political parties are formed and elections were organized to allow the citizens to elect individuals of their choice to represent them in various organs of government where vital decisions bordering on the welfare of the people are taken.

And that is why democracy as a system of government allows for wider participation of the spectrums of the society in government.

The concern of the researcher(s) is to carry out a functional research on political participation as it is affected by education and sex in Nigeria, and choosing Ilorin East Local Government Area as a case study.
It intends to find out whether education affects political participation or not, and also to find out any effect of sex disparity on political participation among the people of Ilorin East.

1.4 Research Hypotheses
Research hypothesis are testable statements that provide direction and tentative explanation of a given phenomenon.

Hypothesis, here is considered to be solution to problem of the present trend of cynicism pervading our country, Nigeria, a case study of Ilorin East.

1.5 Significance of the Study
The result of this research work could be used to measure need for a perfect democratic experimentation.

It will be able to give direction toward attaining a political advancement level that will give priority to mass education and women education to put a stop on political alienation and women subjugation.

This could equally result in magnifying the ability of the policy makers to determine a general acceptable policy.
It will reveal some implicit factors that bring people’s perception about politics as uninteresting and dirty and the need to disabuse their minds.

The result of this research work could be a useful guide to political researchers who are interested in political analysis.


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