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Design and implementation of Computerized Supermarket Management System

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1.1 General Overview

Supermarket management system is the system where all the aspects related to the proper management of supermarket is done. These aspects involve managing information about the various products, staff, managers, customers, billing etc. This system provides an efficient way of managing the supermarket information. Also allows the customer to purchase and pay for the items purchased.

This project is based on the sales transaction and billing of items in a supermarket. The first activity is based on adding the items to the system along with the rate which are present in the supermarket and the name of the items which the supermarket will agree to sell. This authority is given only to admin (administrator). Any modifications to be done in the item name and the rate can be done only by admin. He also has the right to delete any item. As the customer buys the products and comes to the billing counter, the user is supposed to enter the item name he purchased and the quantity of the item he had purchased. This is not a huge task.

This study is to produce a software which manages the sales activity done in a supermarket, maintaining the stock details, maintaining the records of the sales done for a particular month/year. The users will consume less time in calculation and the sales activity will be completed within a fraction of seconds whereas manual system will make the user to write it down which is a long procedure and so paper work will be reduced and the user can spend more time on the monitoring the supermarket. The project will be user friendly and easy to use.

The system will display all the items whose name starts with the letter selected by the user. He can select out of those displayed. Finally a separate bill will be generated for each customer. This will be saved in the database. Any periodic records can be viewed at any time. If the stock is not available, the supermarket orders and buys from a prescribed vendor. The amount will be paid by deducting the total amount acquired in the sales activity. Admin provides a unique username and password for each employee through which he can login.

1.2 The Modules of Operation is stated below

Account Configuration:

  1. Employee:When a new employee joins the company, his record is saved in the database.
  2. Items:Here the Admin can add any new items present in the supermarket. He also has the right to modify or delete it from the database.
  • Registration:As soon as the employee joins the company, the admin provides unique username and password to him.
  1. Vendor Order:If the stock is not available, the supermarket orders and buys from a prescribed vendor. The amount will be paid by deducting the total amount acquired in the sales activity.
  2. Stock entry:The items bought from the vendor will be entered here and this will be added to the stock.
  3. Indent Report:This provides the report of the items sold for a particular month/ year and also gives the total amount acquired.
  • Vendor Report:This provides the report of the items bought from a vendor for a particular month/ year and also gives the total amount spent.
  • Display:A user can view information regarding Items present in the supermarket.
  1. Logout:This module allows the user to Logout the application. Further operations cannot be performed after user exits.

1.3 Function of the System

  1. This system provides list of various products
  2. There are various brands information along with the additional details
  • There is one important function provided where the information about the staff can be maintained.
  1. There is database connectivity provided where each customer detail has been stored.
  2. The system Provide functions of editing customer details.
  3. Its Provide functions of editing product details.
  • Its Provide functions of editing staff details.

1.4 Statement of Problem 

  Being a Computer Science student I have to go into the business department to learn some basic sales and supermarket management topics to increase my intellectual understanding on the project at hand it was really tasking. Building a standard Supermarket management system was not an easy task looking at the problems of existing manual system

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