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Design and Realization of a Module of Control House Automation and Monitoring of Dwelling by Android Phone

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Electrical and power Engineering
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Within the framework of our project at the end of the study, we carried out a’’ design of an intelligent video monitoring system’’ the aim objective of our study is to find the solution that permits us to control more easily and comfortably the equipment of dwelling house without operating a switch as well as the safety of the people, it is right that our document accentuates mainly these elements essential for the people, residences, etc…

For that, we used a Bluetooth module, thereafter a PIC supporting a good simulation of the program ordering the system.  For our Bluetooth module, we developed an application allowing the remote control of the electric components through the PIC.

The creation of this application is based on the graphic programming using programming tool setting-up by Google (App Inventor) and exploitable online enabling us to create our own installable application on Android phones, and with this intention, we need to have a Gmail.




Within the framework of the end of the study project, we chose to interest in the design of video monitoring software. The monitoring, which was formerly only accomplished by security agents, saw arriving technology like a revolution.

Alarms, video monitoring make it possible for the agents to be more effective because they visualize directly their safety station of all building key points to be supervised. However, the man remains imperfect. Indeed, which could remain in front of screens of monitoring without any fault? It is impossible.

It is there that appears the intelligent video monitoring, it makes it possible to help agents in their work. Program can detect an intrusion constantly and inform agent which will take the necessary measures. The monitoring is made from there much more effective and less constraining for agents.

Background of the Study

The remote monitoring consists of placing the camera of monitoring in a public place or private and locally receive flow video on a PC or remote. The latter includes also the access control, the detection and the control of fires, the technical management of buildings, the systems ensuring the safety of the people and the detection of intrusion.

Within a remote monitoring station, the operator ensures, remotely, the monitoring of the buildings. He detects, on his control screen, information of anomalies coming from the systems monitoring electronic installed on the supervised remote surveillance site.

He determines the nature of information (intrusion,) and alarm the owner of the building as well as the neighbours by using all the means available (telephone, Buzzer installed on the site). video monitoring system today largely are very much used for monitoring private buildings, public places, access control, fight against delinquency, counters monitoring, etc….

This is the aim, of protecting people and goods. More by these systems are constituted of the camera, and software conceived to receive images and/or video while ensuring the safeguard and transmission in full safety of this information.

In our project, we are leaning on the design of a video monitoring system. Then, we created a program that will be able to send information on a phone via SMS, and e-mail address defines by the manufacturer. Our video monitoring system will ensure better effectiveness than the current systems and greater comfort for monitoring agents. 

Statement of Problem

They are many causes of the installation of the remote monitoring system, we can name some:

  • Housebreaking,
  • Shoplifting;
  • Access control
  • Fire control and detection

Can we realize software of video monitoring able to safeguard image on a hard disk?

 Could we use the GSM network for the transmission of SMS on a phone?

 Is it possible to create a database to safeguard and protect the image?

Research Question

This project is to conceive a video monitoring system. For better understanding the stakes of this project, we carried out a table that summarizes the latter

Objectives of the Study

The objective of this project will be of:

  • To control the electric components that constitute a dwelling house such as the setting under or not under voltage of the sector, orders lamps.
  • To remotely order the servo-motor of a camera of monitoring using an Android phone.
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