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1.1. Background of internship;

Internship is a report of work experience offered by an organization during which students are being given the opportunity to practice the theory of what they studied in school, in order to acquire professional skills in their various field of study. This is a very important aspect of the student’s professional education, which refines and polishes the student’s character, creating, creativity and knowledge thus preparing students to deal with real world life situation in his or her future job.

1.2 Purpose of internship.

  • The purpose of internship is to educate student practically about the theory they studied in school.
  • Also in universities like University of Buea (UB) internship is one of the requirements to obtain a B.Sc. in Accounting.
  • An internship enable the student to see what the work sitting looks like and to see if it’s a place to work in the future.
  • Another purpose is that it helps the student to create useful connection with the person who manage you during the internship as he or she may become a mentor who can who can provide helpful information and held you to guide you your carrier.
  • It contributes to the student personal development through challenging work and it is complete before the student graduate from the University of Buea (UB).
  • It involve supervision component that is monitoring and educational.
  • It’s planted and scheduled through consultation with the department or university so as to fit into undergraduate experience.

1.4 Objectives of internship

Internship provides a variety of objectives to students who want to broaden their chances of going or getting a job. It gives you taste of what a profession is like, helps to build your resume and let you meet new people who can help to build your carrier. Below are some of the objectives of internship;

  • One of the main objectives of internship is to expose you to a particular job and profession. While you might have an idea about what a job is like, you won’t know until you actually perform it.
  • To resume building when you apply for a job, the more experience and accomplishment you have the more attractive you will look to your employer. He will work more hours than you are required to work in deferent departments in order to expand your skills.
  • Also developing business contacts which will enable these people to help you look for a job later; act as reference or even help you with your project after being hired elsewhere.
  • An internship can lead to potential job, if you like your internship you have the opportunity to excel and possibly land a job with the company because employers have an easy time hiring someone they know since they can get a feel for that person’s ethics, skills, creativity, ability to work with others and overall fit with the company.

1.5 Importance of internship

1.5.1 Importance to the student

  • Internship help student to gain valuable experience
  • it helps them to explore a carrier path
  • It gives them idea about the job market.
  • It helps students to create a good network with some professionals in the field.

1.5.2 Importance to the employer

  • It gives the employer access to qualified candidate since most employers often employ best interns.
  • Student contributes new energy and idea to work place.

1.5.3      Manager

  • He is the one responsible for the branch activities
  • He supervises all the activities carried out in the department or post.
  • He organizes weekly/monthly and yearly meets.
  • He educates his other colleagues on their objectives and gives way for them to follow in other to achieve their organization.

The internal controller

  • She/he makes shore everything is in order in absence of the manager.
  • She always keep the organization updated
  • She always supervises the activities carried out in the organization.

The head of teller

  • She carries out administrative work.
  • She’s involved in the back office control.
  • A signatory to certain source document.


  • She is also involved in office control.
  • She updates stock into the stock register.
  • She receives incoming and outgoing mails.
  • She is responsible for proper accounting of financial proceed of all stationaries.

Teller 1&2

  • They receive savings from customers.
  • They equally pay out daily withdrawals made by members (especially pensioners)

Operation office

  • They orientate members
  • They are in charge of creating accounts.
  • They are in charge of updating members saving books
  • They ensure the filling of the source documents is ok for payment by tellers.

Importance to the university

  • Strengthen ties to alumni and the community.
  • Make the transfer out process easier for the student.
  • Curriculum can benefit though feedback from employers.
  • Help with relation and graduation

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