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The topic of the project work is ″the role of local government in community transformation “the case study is Ilorin south local government area of Kwara state. The focus of this research work shall be concentrated on the theoretical and practical issues referent to the local government and rural transformation with respect to Ilorin south local government.

A local government is recognized through its function and the purpose it serve or makes to the local populace. It sees to the cultural, political social and economic development of the people within its jurisdiction towards ensuring the improvement of their living standard and to bring about better living condition.

The local populace or people are however the rural dwellers. The question that really comes to mind is why rural transformation or who should contribute to rural development and transformation. Noticeably, rural transformation and local government are interrelated. Hence they work hand in hand.

Rural transformation implies that changes and innovation under modernization of sub-tons within the local government which are very for away to the state or regional government.

 However, it should be emphasized that the experienced colonial administration of the birth in Nigeria before independence in 1960 brought a great set back in the grass root development and rural transformation which was a result of the selfish interest of the British government, in other words, one can say that colonial administration has exploited both the human and nature resources of rural people through various means such as: force labour high taxation, indirect rule system of  government and imbalance of payment in trade exercise and thus left rural area underdeveloped therefore, in an attempt to reduce the problems created by the British government administration if not totally bring about it eradication, the federal government in 1976 launched a nationwide local government reform which was attempt to aimed at trying local government under the same umbrella for effective and sufficient administration and to mark uniformity in their development which now pave way for turning point the history of local government.

The objective of federal government blue print called the guideline for local government reform was improve he quality and image of local government all over Nigeria an effective local government is better placed as a government of the grass root for the development or rural area. In the words of education saovina, it involves a through on-going transformation of social structure and extensive mobilization and motivation of the masses. However, a government that is for away from the day to day realities of rural areas is unlikely to be  required with the task of rural transaction and development in us also has this view, local government are total government worth as basic tissue are to human bodily, without which government will not frugality.

Rural transformation as part of local government endeavor as part of local government endeavor shall be discussed in subsequent chapter ahead.



Prior to 1976 local government reforms in Nigeria that system and structure of local government or authorities in the country was highly cumbersome and diverse with each state practicing his own system of administration as appear best.

Most local government authorities are still financially handicapped and needed expansion on their revenue base. In must local government are charged with a lot of responsibilities and functions and thus, their self generated revenue or internally generated resources are insufficient to meet required needs of its people dutiful tasks under the constitution and guideline are to meet or provides both social political, culture and economic needs of its populace.

In order to ascertain the viability and genuity in transformation and development of rural areas of Ilorin south local government of Kwara state. The following statement could be distribution analysis of social development in rural areas, the distribution analysis of social political and economic activities for the areas and its people



Irrespective of local government limited financial resources from statutory allocation some notable communities and highly respectable individual in development efforts purpose of its creation has yet not been realized. However the objective of the study is to view how such limited funds or resources are distributed and its accountabilities to the public and this is usually justify through the visible infrastructural development of which the citizen are the beneficiary of such project, and also.

  • To examine the level of grass root transformation and development that has been attain in Ilorin south local government of Kwara state so far in time provision of rural essential facilities.
  • To also examine the success and failure of Ilorin south local government in grass root transformation as well as the factors responsible for those functions and responsible suggestion to rectify the situations.
  • To identify the problem that the grass root transformation is facing and on basic of this make recommendation as possible solution to the identified problem.
  • To proffer solution to the problems lastly to know the historical background of Ilorin south local government area of Kwara state.



The project will be great importance to government in terms of planning implementation and transformation programmes, the study will contribute to body of existing knowledge.

It will serve as guidance to the local government especially the decision making.

It will serve as materials to others researchers and students of public administration.



This is the source of material used in this project, is from both primary and secondary data.  The primary data employed include questionnaire and interview, while secondary data include textbook, internet, newspaper and current annual report and project etc.

The method used to analysed the data of interference statistics and description analysis.

The study will also examine the performance of Ilorin South Local Government.



The scope of this project works is limited to Ilorin south local government area of Kwara state though, it should be noted that there are about 774 local governments in Nigeria and in which Kwara state has 10 with which Ilorin south local government inclusive. But in order to allow for vivid account of the study, the project therefore subjected or limited to Ilorin south local government and also to examine this area in term of visible development.



The organization of the study for this project work comprises of five chapters. The first chapter deals general introduction, state of research problem, purpose of the study, significance of the study, scope and limitation of the study, organization of the study and definition of terms chapter two consist of literature review theoretical framework, current trends thinking, role of local government in nation building.

Chapter three comprises of research methodology, chapter four comprises of data analysis and presentation and lastly chapter five contains our findings recommendations and conclusions.


The definition of terms has to do with the meaning and the appropriate interpretation of some of the keys or important work used in the today or context this project work, therefore, the definitions of the terms used is briefly stated as follows:

  • Community: According to the united nations economic and social council document published on 18th October 1956 defined community transformation as the process by which the effort of the people themselves are united with those of government authorized to improve the communities to integrated those communities into life of the nation and to enable them to contribute fully to the national progress.
  • Local: The Longman dictionary of contemporary English defined the world local as relating to a particular area you like in or the area you are talking about.
  • Local Government: According to Sen.-L Gowon local government administration is defined as the breaking down of a state into smaller units for the purpose of administration in which the inhabitant of different unit or localities concerned play a direct and fault part, through their elected, nominated or appointed representatives who exercise powers of undertake function under the general authority of a national or state government.
  • Role: according to the enforced advance learners dictionary role is said to be function or position that somebody has an is expected to perform in an organization, in society or in a relationship.



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