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An Assessment of Motor Vehicle Documentation Compliance Within the Transport Sector of Cameroon

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 Motor vehicle documentation is at once the most important and the most complex of all the fields of activity with which transportation law should be concerned. The motor vehicle is increasingly gaining importance in terms of its contribution to global trade and its development dimension within Cameroon. The growing proportion of high-sensitive goods, time sensitive products traversing national boundaries by motor vehicles creates increased opportunities for trade and economic development within Cameroon and above all it gives people more personal freedom, access to jobs and services. In response, the Cameroon government has put in place an elaborate system for motor vehicle documentation as well as appropriate structures to ensure a smooth process while ensuring compliance. Unfortunately motor vehicle users and owners are reluctant to comply with documentation. This study critically examine the challenges involved in with the compliance of motor vehicle documents within the transport sector of Cameroon, an appraisal of the various documents involved and their rationale, the requirements for obtaining these documents as well as their protection and lastly the challenges This study is based on content analysis of primary and secondary sources of information as well as interviews and personal observations. Primary sources of information include statutes, Decrees and Case law meanwhile secondary sources like textbook, journal and articles were consulted. Internet and other online sources, radio and television also provided useful information. The study reveals that, poor government fiscal policy Implementation, administrative bottlenecks, judicial hurdles and poor compensation response due for motor accident claims, political unrest in the Anglophone regions, Challenges with the forces of law and order amongst others are the challenges involved with motor vehicle documentation compliance. This study recommends the institution of a comprehensive body of rules. Strict compliance with the rules and regulations is equally recommended as a key tool to ensure motor vehicle documentation compliance.

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