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Terms & Conditions

  1. Our custom writing services are never duplicates of already existing projects on this site. We write from
    scratch and provide our customers with original documents concerning their Research topic. After our customers
    accept their work, it becomes their original property and deleted from our systems immediately.
  2. Customers can always contact our writers at all times. Every business must be channeled through
    Research key consulting Service, as we will not bear any loss or liability if you deal with an
    impostor claiming to work with Research Key.


Research Key Consulting Service has the right to refund your payment (100%) if we experienced problems like: lost of file, corrupt file, etc)

If the content of the work you ordered does not match the project title on our website, you can request for refund within 5 days from the date of purchase, we will fully refund the amount you paid. Term and Conditions are applied.

It is your duty to confirm that your topic is on this website before payment.

No refund of money if you mistakenly paid for a topic that is NOT on our website. In this case, the management of Research Key has the right to keep your money until you send a topic that is on this website or we send any related topic after 24hrs.

It is your duty to confirm our service charge before payment. No refund of EXCESS payment.


You must READ and ACCEPT our terms before you purchase any material from this website.

 You have gone through this website and confirmed that my project topic is on this website that is why you are requesting for bank account details.

You have accepted that you will contact us through whatsapp:+237654770619 before making any payment:

  1. You have accepted that there is no refund of money if I mistakenly paid for a topic that is NOT from this website. In this case, Research Key has the right to keep your funds until you send a topic that is from this website.
  2. You have accepted that the project materials on this website are for research purposes only and you WILL NOT COPY WORD FOR WORD.
  3. You have accepted to use the material as a guideline only. In this case, it is your own duty as a student/researcher to make them fit your need.
  4. You have accepted that the materials will be sent to you only after payment(Note that the Ideal Time to receive your work is 10 minutes after payment, however, a Force Majeur like lost of file might extend the time to 5days. If after 5days you dont receive the materials paid for, you shall be refunded.

That you requested for any of our services shows you have accepted the above agreement

Research key consulting Service is only for educational purpose and no part of any Project, Dissertation, Presentation, Journals, Reports should be reproduced or sold without the prior knowledge of its Author. We are not responsible in any way for misuse of any information

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